Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I transfer the software from one computer to another should I change my computer
  2. Is there any need for me to keep the disc from which the software was downloaded
    No, all updates are done remotely. For any big  file updates you will be given the choice to download these or not
  3. What happens if the disc I have does not want to install
    Send an email to explaining the problem you are experiencing and instructions will be mailed to you
  4. Why is there sometimes  a delay with the software opening  after I have clicked a button
    Many of the files have large HD video footage and depending upon your computer’s hardware it may take a short time to upload
  5. How can I obtain a software license code should I wish to give a person  the howuexcel coaching as a gift without them having to pay for the license code
    Thank you. As from early 2012 you will be able to purchase prepaid codes by clicking on the ‘purchase’ button on the blog site and following the instructions. The payment is made on line and the code emailed to the purchaser.


  1. Why do prominent cricketers and national coaches not feature on the coaching software
    Our belief is that you have the capacity to maximize your potential as a cricketer with guidance from your coach, your parent’s support and most importantly your desire to excel. The coaching shown on the software provides an opportunity for you to further develop your unique batting or bowling skill.
  2. Who is the coach on the software
    Etienne Birkenstock
  3. Why have you used mainly junior players to demonstrate the skills and general cricket items
    Our target market for the coaching software is aimed at young players and therefore we believe it important that they see players in their own age group performing the techniques and demonstrating the basics of cricket.
  4. Why is there no bowling and fielding on the Module 1 software
    Bowling, advanced  batting strokes, wicket keeping and fielding will be dealt with in Module 2 which is in the process of being produced.
  5. What is the purpose and future of the personal stats site
    Currently it can be used to record your batting scores and bowling figures. From 2012 we will be showing the rankings of the top players in each age group on the blog site and at the end of 2012 there will be an award for the top performers. Also early in 2012 you will be able to check your ranking locally and internationally when these players join the “cricko stats”.
  6. Can anyone record their stats on the site
    NO only players who have purchased the software have the privilege of recording their stats.
  7. What is the purpose of the Downloads to my cell phone, PSP and other portable handhelds
    These applications are optional but will enable you to review the shots when at net practice or on match day.
  8. I have 2 or more children in my family that I wish to register to use the stats site as well as chat to other players but the registration only makes provision for 1 player
    As from 2012 you will be able to purchase additional activation codes to register more than 1 player on the stats/blog site. This will be at a reduced fee and can be purchased under the PURCHASE button on the blog. There are stringent conditions for issuing the additional codes and these will be advised during the purchase process. Should you require the software to operate on 2 computers at home then you will have to purchase a second software package with its own activation code.

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