how u excel team to shoot rugby coaching

The how u excel production team will be shooting the rugby coaching content modules 1 and 2 from 19-23 April at the Swartkops High School in Pretoria. This is their second coaching software product and it is planned for release locally in July 12 and is bound to grab the attention of young players aspiring to maximize their true potential.

The coach, Wayne Smit, has spent many months planning the content to ensure the coaching will be an international benchmark delivered in the ground breaking format of being a licensed software application. Video will be recorded in HD with an SD option.

The software will not only feature video footage on skills development but will also provide guidance on core muscle development for various age groups recordable on a stats site where young players can capture their physical development progress and as well as selected game stats.

Just like the How U Excel cricket coaching the rugby will be supported by an animated character called “Rugga” who will entertain the players with his unique style of playing the game.

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