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In each young cricketer lies a wealth of talent waiting to be developed with the support of coaches, parents and friends. It is our passion to support these efforts through the creation of the Howuexcel at Cricket software and you will see that most of the techniques and general information is demonstrated by young players, like you, who are developing their cricketing career.

We have purposefully not invited any big name players to demonstrate techniques as we believe that each young player can, with proper coaching and support, achieve greatness in their own unique style.

Having role models and heroes that you admire and who inspires you to be a good cricketer is essential however, it is your attitude and commitment that will shape your style and playing skills.

The Coach and Howuexcel software

The software does not replace your coach but will help you to more fully appreciate the techniques and skills of the game due to the step by step way in which the coaching is presented.

We believe that many coaches will benefit from the presentation on batting techniques and invite them to provide us with suggestions and feedback on how we can further enhance the value of the product by emailing us at

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