Module 1

Module 1 Content overview

The software wheel gives players access to a variety of options to view footage on batting strokes, grip, stance, controversial rules and other aspects of the game.  In the batting strokes section there are 5 different options for viewing the stroke that includes a entertaining shot by Cricko, coaching with the coach and highlighted review with text

A unique feature on the wheel is the option to download the basic batting strokes to a PSP, Mobile phone and I Pad type gadgets. This enables the player to review the stroke at practice and before batting on match day.

The software offers access to a stats site on which player’s record their batting, bowling and fielding performance and this can be compared to other players. Being young players the stats will be presented in age groups and will start with a fresh set of stats in January each year.

The blog site is available for players from all over the world to chat to each other. Both the stats and blog site can only be accessed by registered users of the software

Over and above the video there are also a number of diagrams showing dimensions and explaining certain rules of the game

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