Proud grand parents purchase first software from sportsmans warehouse

The software had only been on the stand for 2 min at the East Rand Sportmans Warehouse store when the first sale was concluded with ‘proud grandparents’ purchasing the software to give their grand child a boost on how to improve his playing skills.

Coaching cost are expensive and many young players do not have access to private coaching. The howuexcel software supports the coaching received at school or club as it allows players to repeatedly review the skills required to successfully execute the fundamentals of the game.

Another valuable aspect of having the coaching at home is that it educates parents on how the game is played empowering them to properly support their child’s cricket development at an age when learning correct techniques is so important

The download function on the software allows players and parents to download batting strokes to a mobile device in an ‘ask and tell’ format making the coaching available at net practice or match day

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