Rugby skills shoot in Pretoria

The second How U Excel software coaching product, Rugby, was initiated at the Swartkop High School Pretoria on the weekend of 20 -22 April. Lots of energy and excitement was evident as the young players were filmed by the highly competent HUE film crew using multi-million rand cameras and sophisticated equipment to once again ensure a world class product

Under the guidance of Coach Wayne all aspects of playing rugby was captured on film. The young players showed a lot of patience as capturing the correct skills technique on camera is challenging and often has to be reshot again and again.

Being a coaching product great care was taken to ensure that the basic skills and other elements of the game were correctly demonstrated. Many of the players that volunteered to assist in demonstrating the skills play rugby at a competitive level for their school and this will assist other players to maximize their true potential by having competent role models of their own age group to follow.

The process of editing the footage and adding the voice recording is being managed by fly on the wall a leading production house in Cape Town

Module 1 software includes basic movements, kicks, passes and core muscle development as well as other informative items. The software development is professionally managed by Dawie Martins in Pretoria

Launch of Rugby module 1 is planned for October 2012. Please follow us on facebook and the blog for updates




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