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Hi Parents and Players

You have been given the Howuexcel cricket software DVD set with an invitation to view the awesome cricket coaching on a free trial basis and to buy it at a very special price of R195, when considering that one coaching lesson is in the range of R350 to R500. The software offers free downloads to the players mobile device so that it is available at practice sessions and on match day

See the leaflet included in the box on the Special offer price, discount code and disc number for information on this offer. Some of the DVD cases have the disc number recorded on the inside of the case

Please note you need to be connected to the internet for the initial installation and be patient with the installation process as many videos are downloaded.

PLEASE, WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED WITH THE DISCS, OR DO NOT WISH TO USE THE OFFER, THEN KINDLY GIVE IT TO A FRIEND TO USE. The special discount code can be used many times. Once installed you do not need the discs anymore. Thanks

Start the software installation by inserting either the HD or SD disc into the computers DVD player and follow the steps on the Instruction Guidelines and General Information leaflet (printing on both sides) included in the box.

Once the installation process is completed you will be invited to look at a ‘Preview of the Content’ of the software.This is the screen you will see to watch the ‘Preview’

Once you have finished watching the ‘Preview video’ this screen will open

PLEASE NOTE: you now have the following 2 choices:

  1. If you like what you have seen on the ‘preview’ then you can continue to purchase the software by clicking on the PURCHASE button in the blue box on the screen and follow the instructions
  2. SHOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MORE DETAIL OF THE COACHING CONTENT then you are invited to activate the 3 day free trial offer by doing the following
    1. Click the exit button and on the next screen that opens, click the exit button again. This will not uninstall the program
    2. On your desktop you will see the Howuexcel icon, a red cricket ball, please do not enter yet.


You need to identify which internet browser you use. It could either be

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Google Chrome

For Internet Explorer, follow these steps (for Chrome see instructions further below)

1Type this link in the address bar of the browser: 

2. The following screen will appear, click on Run

3. If you get the following screen with message ” HowUExcelUpdate.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer” click on Actions

4. In the window that opens click on More Options

5. Then click on Run Anyway

6. Now close your internet browser

7. Then click on the Howuexcel icon on your desk top, the following page opens, click on register

8.  Insert your email address and click here

9. The software wheel opens and you have 3 days to explore the exciting content of module 1 by clicking on the inner spokes to view the videos. During the trial period you will have the option to buy the software


For Google Chrome, follow these steps

1. Type this link in the address bar of the browser:

2. If you get a red No Entry sign at the bottom, open the dropdown and select the Keep option. If you do not get the the No Entry sign, double click on the HowUExcelUpdater.exe file shown below

3. Then double click the HowUExcelUpdater.exe file

4. The following window opens, click the Run button

5. Then close your chrome browser

NOW follow steps 7-9 as shown above for internet explorer browser to activate the trial period.

Once again we kindly ask that you share the software with other players so that they too can benefit from this exciting offer and improve their skills

We wish you many happy hours of cricket coaching. Howuxcel will be releasing module 2 which focussees on bowling, advanced batting, fielding and wicket keeping in 2014










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